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Goldwing Light Parade

On Saturday 10 September 2016 at around 7pm Scarborough seafront became crowded with spectators eagerly awaiting the sight of almost 100 touring motorbikes and trikes parading the north and south bay. Not only were the bikes lit up like Christmas trees but many of the bikers were dressed in costumes including Mario and Luigi, Father Christmas and the Smurfs.

Photographing the event would be interesting as not only would the bikes not be stationary but the light would also be rapidly falling. The only way to photograph the bikes would be using the panning technique. Photographing at night without using flash meant that I had to have an ISO of 1600-3200 which unfortunately has resulted in noisy (grainy) photographs. The shutter speed should also have been slower to give more of a sense of motion. 1/40 seemed to work best but 1/125 was probably too fast.

These were my results.

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