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Assignment of the week: Square

The assignment for this week was 'square'. I initially had in mind to travel around Newcastle and photograph anything square that I saw. However, I somehow seemed to end up at a Nature Reserve instead!

After an enjoyable morning walking around in the sunshine and watching the birds, I returned home having failed to achieve my objective. After a cup of tea and giving the grass its first mow of the year I set to searching the house for anything that I could find that was square or cubed. This is what I came up with:

  • A potato masher with square holes.

  • The kitchen tiled floor

  • A travel chess set and snakes and ladders game

  • The pattern for my cross-stitch, printed on a square chart

  • Wire cooling rack

  • A vaguely cube shaped "dice"

  • Thread and needle organiser for my cross-stitching projects

  • The stained glass on the cupboard door which contains both square and rectangular patterns

  • A pile of ever so essential tea bags

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