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Assignment of the week: Tunnels

The biggest and perhaps well known tunnel in the North East is the Tyne Tunnel. The vehicular tunnel is a mile long and forms part of the A19 which connects North Shields and Jarrow. The original tunnel was one of three, the other two being pedestrian and cyclist tunnels. The vehicular tunnel used to be a single two-lane tunnel but in 2011 a second tunnel was opened so that each tunnel could allow for two lanes of traffic.

Schemes for the construction of the tunnel first began in 1937 however these were not approved until the Tyne Tunnel Act legislation received royal assent in 1946. The Tunnel was completed in 1967 (and 2011 for the second tunnel).


At the time of the challenge the pedestrian tunnel was closed for repairs until 2018 so the only way of photographing it was from inside the car. I persuaded my housemate to help me as it is illegal to take photographs while driving (and rightly so!). I set up my camera on the passenger seat on a tripod secured with bungee ropes. I had a cable release attached and the following settings (f/8 4 seconds ISO 100).


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